Character Sketches

 Zel – It’s the Roaring Twenties and there’s a magical vibe in the air.  The Great War is long since over, women can vote, and prohibition is something most people wink at.  But Zel is experiencing none of this – she’s still picking up the pieces of her life in the aftermath of the 1918 Flu epidemic that decimated her family.  When she hears of a place called St. Petersburg, Florida, where the newspaper is given away free any day that the sun doesn’t shine, the image resonates within her.  In desperate need of sunshine in her life, she makes the thousand mile trek south, an impetuous but courageous decision for a twenty-three year old girl in 1925.  Once settled, she struggles to make a go of it until an encounter with Babe Ruth, star slugger of the New York Yankees, changes everything.

Babe Ruth – After the worst performance of his career in 1925, the Babe has lots to prove to his fans and teammates.  So he’s taking Spring Training pretty seriously in 1926.  But that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun and take advantage of what St. Pete has to offer.

Ryan Buck – Sixteen-year-old Ryan Buck is a talented athlete who was fortunate to escape with minor injuries from the horrific crash that devastated his family.  But factor in the suffocating guilt and the recurring nightmare that plagues him and maybe Ryan wasn’t so lucky, after all.  Two-and-a-half years and countless hours of therapy later, Ryan still can’t remember a thing about the accident and it’s making for agonizingly slow progress.  But everything changes when his mom is forced to sell the old Babe Ruth artifacts that have been in the family for years. As Ryan progresses, he discovers things within himself that he never knew were there.

Susan Buck – After the accident that upended their lives in the blink of an eye, Susan faced two very different challenges as she struggled to make her children whole once again.  But after a couple of years of dealing with the worst, she’s more determined than ever to provide the best for her boys.  And if that includes parting with the valuable but controversial memorabilia that’s been in her family for generations, so be it.  While the past few years have steeled her to deal with the unexpected, never in her wildest imagination could she contemplate the decision that confronts her after a generations-old secret is revealed.  She finds herself tested once again as her boys’ future and well-being hang in the balance.

Sam Frank – It’s a lucky man who can meld his boyhood passion into a successful business career.  But Sam’s not feeling very lucky these days – he just turned seventy, is retired, and alone.  A solitary man.  Until, that is, he saves Susan Buck from making a tragic mistake.  Suddenly, he finds himself needed and part of something that will become the greatest adventure of his life.