An American Hobby

Collecting baseball cards is a uniquely American hobby.  As a kid growing up in the 1950’s I had shoeboxes full of them.  All of my friends did, too.  We had so many cards that, when we got older and our interests shifted to teenage pursuits, our moms decided to clean house. Literally.  Out went the cards which they considered to be nothing more than junk.  Today we wax nostalgic over those cardboard canvasses of our heroes that we treated so casually.  That’s also why, in good condition, they are worth small fortunes.

The Lefty with the Most Wins

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The Greatest Right Fielder

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The Killer

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The Nap Lajoie Card

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The Eddie Mathews Card

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The Kid Nichols Card

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Title

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An American Hobby: Baseball Memorabilia – ‘Mel Ott’ Card From 1935

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Baseball Memorabilia – Mickey Mantle: “The Mick” Card

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