“There are great baseball discussions that can be built from many  different parts of this book: there is Ryan’s baseball journey as well as  baseball history. I loved the author’s notes in the end that shared which Babe  Ruth aspects in the book were based in truth.”

Teach Mentor Texts

A great plot along with a splash of mystery to make for a page turning read.”

Kitty Crochet Two

“I could not put it down and I became lost in the pages and the story itself.”

Dad of Divas

“Chin Music has the potential to become a baseball classic for a new generation.”

Padre Steve

Chin Music is a wonderful story of family, second chances, and baseball.”

Fiction Addict

“A wonderful baseball fairy tale.”

Book Chase

“Baseball gets a big boost from this author’s love of the sport.”

Patricia’s Wisdom

“A must read for any sports fan.”  Five stars.

Seaside Book Nook

Five Star Amazon Reviews

“Chin Music is a deftly plotted, resonant story about the secrets that bind families and threaten to tear them apart. You don’t need to be a lover of baseball to enjoy this riveting read, but even the most die-hard fans will see their beloved Babe Ruth in a new and surprising way.”

Jennifer Miller, author of The Year of the Gadfly

“Lee Edelstein has spun a fascinating tale of what if.  Don’t mistake this for just another run-of-the-mill sports story.  Like any great baseball game, Chin Music mixes elements of romance, mystery and suspense, leaving the reader wishing it was only the first game of a double-header.”

 Charles Salzberg, author of Swann’s Last Song and Swann Dives In

“Lee Edelstein has captured the dream of reaching the majors with a new twist based on baseball’s most legendary figure.  Chin Music will take you on an adventure that embraces the spirit of family and the game in a story that is as inspiring as it is entertaining.”

Dick Stockton, named one of the 50 top network sportscasters of all time.

“Lee Edelstein has hit a home run his first time at bat.”

Nils A. Shapiro, Boca Club News